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Balcony window choose "three" tips

I. comparison shopping

"Have no fear of not knowing much about, afraid of goods than the goods", many consumers in selecting products may be more sentimental, listen to the salesperson's oral commitment to product, will rush to buy, without a number of detailed understanding, comparison, consumers can visit several, rational analysis of the product quality, will choose not to regret it.

II. in situ visits

"Seeing is believing". Must go to the business Hall of field visits, business capabilities, product design rationality and quality of goods and technology of fine are viewed, ensure that you choose to secure good products.

III. require businesses to provide true information and qualification, inspection report

Businesses can be unrealistic promises in the campaign and exaggerated promises the supportability of the product to the customer, can mislead consumers, requiring businesses to show related information is to select the frame window is an important link in the process. Such as a business license, insurance, quality inspection report!