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Check doors and Windows tips are there?

1, check the appearance of the Windows and doors

Acceptance of the first trick of doors and Windows, is the appearance of the check. General check the appearance of Windows and doors, we primarily look at its surface is dirty, there are scratches. So the consumer at the time of its acceptance, be sure to pay attention to its Visual inspection to avoid flaws.

2, check the doors and Windows Base

Check doors and Windows the second trick, is the base of doors and Windows to check. General check the doors and Windows when the material we need to look at the framework, its stability. Second, look at the side panel to see whether there is a hollowing of the phenomenon. If there are hollow, you should reinstall it.

3, check the door hinge

Acceptance of third-largest trick of doors and Windows, is the hinge of the check. General hinges for doors and Windows, we mainly check the installation location, see if its accurate. Secondly, it remains to be seen whether it's flexible. If not flexible, then screw the bad back then.

4, door and window lock

Check doors and Windows the fourth trick, is the checking of door and window locks. Locks for doors and Windows in General check, our surface is mainly look at it, see if it is defective. In addition, we would also like to see if the unlock or lock a smooth, if it is not successful, it should be removed and reinstalled.