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Concealed door selection tips

1, brand

Selection of concealed door first skill, is to see its brand. General quality concealed door, its reputation and brand are a popular favorite. So consumers in making the selection, also on its brand and reputation, so as not to buy counterfeit products.

Style 2, see

Selection of concealed door the second largest skills, is to see its style. Concealed door style generally, we are mainly based on its interior décor to match. Not only is integration of spatial atmosphere more, but also residents of taste.

3, see sizes

Pick the invisible third large skills, is to look at its size. Concealed door sizes, we selected the actual size of the main space, because it is not only beautiful, but still will not cause the size is too big or too small.

4, see color

Selection of concealed door the fourth largest skills, is to see its color. General concealed door colors, we are chosen according to the main colors in the room, so they don't just look more depth and layering, and coordination.

Well, that's about selection of concealed door which describes the contents of, if you have mastered it? hope small series of collating the information, to people in need, offers some help.