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Wooden door four misunderstandings dealer training

Wood enterprise training is to output complete products, services and management, see return: to prove that dealer profit for business. However, behaviour change and will not be training several times, also need other links of cooperation. Many misunderstandings in the wooden doors in the training process, training in an awkward position.

Error: insufficient awareness training

Neglect the importance of training, namely wood Enterprise leader training is useless idea. The training does not enhance the dealer's ability to sell, instead of wasting time on both sides. Small-business owners business, big boss business person. Companies worry about how big depends on how many people, so a wood enterprise development depends on mechanisms, product media for dealer training is also an important piece of the mechanism.

Myth: lack of systematic long-term vision

"Stop-gap" wooden door dealer training not only wooden doors can't solve its own problems, while dealers can't keep up with the market, often reinventing, in a passive situation, and even offline operation of chaotic phenomena. Nine building material to understand, many wood enterprise does not have a system of training viable theoretical and practical processes, leading to wooden door dealer training the information distribution, video playing, honor certificates of specific communication tools, such as aliases, confusing the means with the ends, so much so that some sense of self training carried out quite well. Doors training for business success, only to see not only the costs, they saw long-term gains, long-term training for dealers as a system to catch.