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Characteristics Of Automatic Revolving Door

Automatic revolving doors of its biggest advantage is that it "never opened and closed forever", that is, for personnel to, can open the door, but for building doors are always closed. Therefore, the automatic revolving door has a unique development in security features, but the automatic revolving door but no advantage in personnel flow, because the speed of the door is fixed and can accommodate between each gate wing staff is limited. Each automatic revolving door has personnel flow calibration value. <Br> <br> Automatic revolving doors because its always open and always turn off features, make it dynamic sealing effect is often used under conditions of relatively better than the other two types of automatic doors. Due to the limited automatic revolving door s flow in large public or automatically select the other two doors, automatic revolving door, after all, cost is very high. Usually automatically set either automatic or manual revolving doors door, increase the traffic capacity on the one hand, on the other hand when the automatic revolving door fails, does not affect the person's pass. But in terms of static sealing effect, automatic revolving door is far better than other automatic doors, because it depends on your body can only use the top seal.