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New Security Door Installation Problems

Window that is usually on top of the Windows of the building, to add another layer of security mesh Windows and doors. Installation of the new window now has a lot of friends. Common window materials is different, it is made of stainless steel and steel window and the wrought-iron window and aluminum window and these categories. By its use of function words, can be divided into fixed window still have activity break sliding window.

New window trap

Invisible network security before you install be sure to choose a good wire. It consists of wire models introduced the material and its fine and so on to choose well. In which every little aspect is crucial. Now there are many new window companies are using some bad wire to pretend to be good 316 steel, so that the consumer is deceived, so we must choose how to distinguish the good and bad wire.

The relevant parties here, no matter what kind of pipes, be sure to select the wire in line with national standards, so as to ensure the stainless steel does not rust, if there is no label on the market models, is more likely to have quality problems, so I do not recommend buying.

New window problems installation

First step in installing the new window when first base design. Anti-theft window, the base design is like the Foundation of the building, if you installed base is not stable, then the window is pointless.

Next step when we install window when the relevant fittings must be complete. If parts are missing, and are likely to cause problems of the structure of the new window.

Third is we know that the new window is relatively strong, so at the time of installation, we pay attention to the related accessories of the good.

The fourth step is to check after installation, after you install the new window, we installed to check the effect of. In accordance with the instructions for use of the new window for step by step installation.

Construction of a new window costs alarm device and it should also be noted. Which includes technicians who installed and installation costs shall be based on the balcony of the specific situation of. Senior source, found on the balcony of their potential security risks when, so be sure to select use new window to embezzlement, and to buy from an established company, while not delaying, to avoid serious consequences, let myself regret.