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Pick Color Aluminum Security Doors To Orientate

Security doors are also called security doors, is on security and safety will be better than ordinary door, color coated aluminum security doors is made using colored aluminum. In fact, even the doors, anti-theft has the level of effect. How to be selected from a wide range of door and window market real doors? here to introduce a few distinguished direction:

1, security seal

Will have a security rating stamped on the inside of the door, the new standard is divided into four, with a, b, c Ding distinction, which is the highest grade, in turn. Class a color aluminum security doors standard in 30 minutes or less will not be destroyed, b is 15 minutes, grade c is 10 minutes, d is 6 minutes. When choosing a security door, door frame hinge side with ground distance is about 1600mm see stamp marked with the letters JYBD, if they wanted to see this tag, so this may just plain steel door, does not have the anti-theft capabilities.

2, anti-theft lock

Some details from the security doors, locks is also a security key. Anti-theft lock is mainly look at locking points, in a State of security door open, put the key in and turn, is locked out in parts, according to the level of security doors, corresponding a, b, c Ding locking points were more than 12, 10, 8, 6, usually locking points more, consumed by open longer. From lock purchase terms, our country now ranks are divided into class a, b and Super b-level three, Super b-class is the best.

3, door thickness steel plate

Another criteria for judging color aluminum security doors are door thickness steel plate, normal thickness of the door frame above 2mm, 20mm door thickness, total quality for the gate than 40kg, so that we can meet the security door standards. On the material selection in addition to color aluminum, copper, stainless steel and many other options.

If you want to know more about color aluminum security doors meet the requirements of the internal, cat's eye, the Bell box and other parts can be removed, view the internal situation, such as whether the thickness of the door to meet the requirement, whether internal filling material, filler material with features such as fire protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation.

When purchasing color aluminum security doors, except from the grasp of good quality, or you can add some security measures, making it more secure. According to the family, as well as the surrounding environment, can add a tamper lock sets, fitted designer such as cat's eye, live more at ease.