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Retractable Door Installation Procedure And Installation

First, Retractable door installation procedure

1, fixed door: door into the track, the tail end of support cards are secured with special expansion screw and anchor (M12x80) is fixed.

2, limit switches: according to set the door opening and closing positions of the laying spacing device.

3, fixed control box: control box can be installed in the head inside the tank can also be moved away from the hosts within 10 metres Interior.

4, connecting lines: strictly according to the wiring diagram in turn connect the corresponding connection (is strictly prohibited under the power wiring), wiring must be firm, not short circuit between terminals and Terminal, and pick up the check wiring is correct.

Second, retractable door installation

1, first of all with manual sliding doors manually, check the door is functioning properly in determining the door running under normal conditions, can be connected to the power supply.

2, powered, control box power light is on, press the "on" button, the "on" indicator lights, door fitness opens automatically to set limit stops automatically. Press "off" button, and "off" indicator light, physical shut down automatically to set limit stops automatically.

3, during the commissioning process, such as finding the door run limit is not accurate, you can adjust the height of the limit switch.

4, commissioning more than 5 times, as everything can be put into use.