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Retractable Door Maintenance And Repair

Automatic telescopic doors of life and everyday use, reasonable maintenance, timely maintenance are closely related:

1, power supply electric gate must set up line, combines with other electrical appliances is strictly prohibited.

2 firm, product installation, commissioning a qualified rear can be used.

3, the control box must be installed in a dry, ventilated location, near high-power radios is strictly prohibited, to avoid affecting the normal work. When you use the control buttons, don't force too much, too much, to avoid damage.

4, door run, prohibited personnel and vehicles to stay on the Rails. Operations personnel shall at all times remain the process operation, to avoid accidents.

5, track within routinely cleaned, so as not to impact junk run.

6, drive to raise at least once a year grease, the chain should be lubricated frequently and check all parts for wear, wear parts must be repaired or replaced.

7, push-pull electric retractable door, light on, off, slow, thrust against Yanks, causing damage.

8, product failure, please notify the professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance; non-professionals are not allowed to open, or as give up warranty right.

9, fault free warranty warranty card (except for man-made or natural disasters).