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Security Doors At This Stage Three Retail System Problem

Due to the regional economic differences and control problems, few companies can establish a unified pricing system, all over the stores, according to its business operations have a right to price allocation. Except for some special products, everyone is acting, look to the national market, retail terminals to be relatively transparent, unified standard pricing and discount rate, in addition to outside the building materials supermarket chains like live, barely a second.

Common sense says security doors the Ultra durable building materials, consumers purchase frequency interval on the store out of reach. Hold fast to every normal trading unit price and a reasonable profit margin, all stores to survive this.

But most of the selling dealer on the market fluctuation, adapt to changes and bidding strategy, according to the business and competitors to bid, and some struggle to survive for resellers, hit the market at the lowest price, for this type of door is sometimes helpless.

Security door access to universal stage, stores earned total profits of scale, the entire fare of very low.

When the industry matured stage, total demand prompted stores can only be maintained by promoting a single product profit margins.

But with the popularity of mobile Internet penetration, price transparency is no longer a secret. White paper on more and more industries are introduced, costs white paper network platform on the various types of so-called direct-synthesis, experience stores, putting bottom line in front of the public.

By contrast, almost all the media and public comments questioning China's building materials market circulation system prices artificially high, water the huge price how to obscure. Eateries advertising it the growing cross-border into home decoration and building material retailing company, all launch prices in hoarse commitment, customer pricing, the old patterns will appear as they are about remodeling ideas.

Of course, sell a door we cannot discuss here exactly how much money you want to make reasonable price: how much will fit, but by circulating an authoritative statement. Any kind of consumer goods, consumers can accept merchants in 10%---20% left and right margins must be controlled, otherwise the consumers will think that it is absolutely huge profits (relatively mainstream popularity of common products, boutique and best regardless of the kind of consideration).

In current various B2B, B2C electric business platform of information data everywhere, industry information increasingly peer of case Xia, increasingly more of industry big crocodile are in into home building materials decorative circulation service field, let decorative building materials of price return to normal, let consumers not for high of shops rent pay, through scale benefits sharing more hard cost, through Internet of agglomeration effect created value, has became industry Xia a stage of development theme.

In next of process in the, door enterprises only has found for business himself products of joined business, and not casually open a shop on sold door of stores, building up sound solid of value passed chain, to has opportunities established up precision stable found corresponds to consumption customer groups of may, health of channel value chain is guarantee products rational price, and standard price can long-term exists of fundamental, is can from source Shang guarantee enterprise health continued growth of cornerstone.

Consumers purchase security doors high value billing problems

Any consumers shopping with affordable, less idea of cost value-for-money purchase. The past seven or eight years, as real estate development, brand and manufacturing capacity of enterprises of all sizes to projects is to focus resources on the channel, as building components with standard security door to sell. Advantage real estate doors industry products in the purchasing of resources more emphasis on price/performance advantages, and pursuit of higher cost balance, as long as the door delivery of products to comply with industry regulations, minimum standards to ensure project completion and acceptance of customs clearance on the line.

Due to customer demand, the industry's main door how value is more efficient, greater production capacity, cost of better prices more competitive. In the product development and generation of conservative, has created significant new products is very slow, everyone's products are familiar for a long time.

Small did not have the resources to do the small door project in product updates has certain advantages, but because of the extremely low brand recognition in the industry, even if done in product performance and details than many of the more well-known brands, but the premium is very limited. Most of the distributors and consumers, on the mouth good, chorus of approval also is reluctant to spend more money to make a choice.

Without knowing what is the underlying reason, security door industry has been such a strange phenomenon, the same consumers will pay big money to buy a House, buy a car, buy clothes, handbags or buy watches, but they are not necessarily willing to pay big money to buy a real sense of the door. Even such, you also cannot said the class consumers no security prevention consciousness, no gate façade grade, no love home family responsibility, no fine home life taste, many consumers early see understand Wu through has these, but in real round to he to decided himself home of with door Shi, in he practice line choice Shi, he of purchasing power and he by select of products absolute not commensurate.

Mosaic category scale market, the drains by the margins selling ordinary steel security door over the years of suffering, have begun efforts to introduce the new mosaic door. Mosaics in the style more delicate work in detail on more sophisticated, better in terms of configuration, because of these changes, win some more tastes of consumers of all ages. Some consumers are willing to pay a certain price difference for stitching.

In this round of stitching in the upsurge of unheard of industry there are a lot of small brand like mushrooms come out, they simply by virtue of fine workmanship and modest price to win the channel and in hot pursuit of consumers. Meanwhile, several have strong brand enterprises in product improvement and innovation based on the after this link to keep up, they won the praise and support of the channel.

In addition to product and brand elements, there's another competitive retail field in the initiation, some dealers on strong services win consumer acceptance, borrow the helm of Windows that I admired a leader of enterprise in a Word, good products without brand is a disgrace, no good product brand is a crime. In order to prove the value of Terminal Services, author of a sentence without good service brand is kind of sad. Is a pity that, in the industry, can at the same time in place of the enterprise products and brands are very few, if coupled with the Terminal Services system, three-in-one are doing very well, almost nothing.