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Three Ways To Extend The Life Of Revolving Doors

Revolving doors made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials, if improper maintenance in daily use, prolonged use of revolving door door rust will emerge, so small revolving door to remind customers, in order to extend the life of revolving doors door, is essential to his disciples the following revolving door three point maintenance.

Revolving door daily maintenance three points:

Revolving door 1, periodically wipe the revolving door, be sure to note when cleaning soft towels should be used, do not use corrosive water, this will only increase the corrosion on stainless steel.

Revolving door sales product 2, product maintenance, when manufacturers generally come with a rust removing powder, revolving door xiaobian recommended stained with the towel a little rust removing powder, and then wipe the surface of the material.

3 revolving door, revolving door door rust on location, users can use a rust removing paste into a towel wipe back and forth on the site.