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Wood Door Mold Causes And Solving Skills

Causes a musty, wood door

Wood door mold causes many, neither the weather nor the wooden doors of our daily indoor activities are likely to lead to breeding ground for mildew. First of all, when we usually cleaning or cleaning, are likely to MOP or wipe spilled water on the wooden door. Because the process does not pay more attention to, over time, wooden doors and many small mold. Secondly, such as kitchen and bathroom space often come into contact with water, it's hard not to make water vapor is absorbed by the wood doors, wooden doors of kitchen and bathroom are relatively easy to mold. In addition, changes in temperature led to the indoor water vapor, continuous rainy season, for example, or the rainy season in the South, usually more water vapor in the House, even condensation droplets on the walls, wooden doors, wooden doors of this is a major cause of musty.

Of course, apart from moldy damp lead wooden doors, solid wood doors with paint small number painted on, or the paint itself there is a problem also make wooden doors breeding ground for mold. In addition, there may be in the process of making wooden doors of wood were spread over the water, is made without dried wood or wood doors.

Two wooden doors moldy solving techniques

Wooden doors apart from moldy appearance, breeding ground for molds can trigger asthma and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, when you discovered the wood door of moldy, dry paper towel available in addition to mold, or by using the brush a few times and then wipe with a paper towel. If the mold is not removed, with a damp paper towel or towel and rub some more.

Special essential oils also have good mildew function. First coated with a special cleaning agent clean soft cloth to remove mildew. And mildew-infested parts coated with a layer of wax or special oils, and musty place bars of SOAP, or they can be dried tea leaves, eliminate the smell.

Lead paint on the wooden door moldy reason may also be less, poor quality of the paint. Free Vaseline do to protect clean the mold with rag, then wipe with a clean cloth. After removing mildew, to dry the wood.

Above is the reason wooden door a musty, moldy wood door solutions. Swipe the home, be sure to keep an eye on their doors if mildew.